Polish judge Igor Tuleya’s immunity upheld

The Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland has refused to lift the immunity of judge Igor Tuleya. It ruled that he did not violate the law by allowing media to broadcast his hearing. In a short video clip, a grateful judge Tuleya addresses the legal community worldwide: ‘It should not make us less vigilant’.

Watch his full statement in Polish (translated below):

(Source: MEDEL)

“I thank all the judges, associations, and legal organizations from the whole world for the support. For me and for all Polish judges it is very important. It testifies to the fact that you see that we are not only Polish judges but also European judges, that you are still not losing hope that Poland is in Europe. What was happening here was first of all the activity of the  political prosecution authority led by attorney general who is an active politician. Since the very beginning  the charge was known not to be based on facts and not to be anchored in the law. It was only to cause a freezing effect on the community of judges .Secondly the resolution adopted today was not issued by a genuine court. It was issued by a so called disciplinary chamber, which is not an independent court and which is not composed of independent judges. It should not make us less vigilant. This decision of the Disciplinary Chamber is not final.  The prosecution will undoubtedly file an appeal on the today’s decision. The most important thing is that the fight for the rule of law, the independence of courts, and independence of Polish judges goes on. We, the Polish judges, continue our struggle and I am convinced that with your help we will prevail.”