The Dutch Foundation ‘Judges for Judges’ has been set up to support fellow judges abroad who have experienced or may experience problems whilst practising their profession. For example, their independence is being violated or threatened or they are being put under pressure.

The Foundation was established in 1998. In December 2009, a new committee took over and this has breathed fresh life into the Foundation’s activities. Since 2010 the Foundation has been actively involved with fellow judges in seven countries (Russia, Georgia, Philippines, Venezuela, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia) and situations in several other countries are under close observation.

When the Foundation hears about a judge in trouble or likely to get into trouble, it contacts him/her. Sometimes judges themselves contact the Foundation. We check all information we receive and in close liaison with the judge concerned it is decided what action the Foundation can take to help improve his/her situation. In some cases the Foundation will contact the authorities in the country involved, or national or European parliamentary bodies. In other cases cooperation will be sought with Dutch associations or international organizations. Sometimes media attention is sought; on other occasions silent diplomacy is required..You can find out more about our specific activities on our website. An article ‘Judges in Need‘ on the work of Judges for Judges appeared in Mr. (8/9 2012). Read here the translation (pdf).


Board Judges for Judges

  • Ybo Buruma, board member, judge of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.
  • Herman van Harten, treasurer, judge of the Court of Appeal The Hague.
  • Evert van der Molen, board member, judge of the District Court Amsterdam.
  • Esther de Rooij, board member, judge of the District Court Amsterdam.
  • Bart Stapert, judge of the Court of Appeal The Hague.
  • Tamara Trotman, chair, judge of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.



Judges for Judges regularly publishes a newsletter. Please find the latest issues below. To subscribe to our English newsletter, please send an email with your name, email address and the text “Subscribe (English)” to info@rechtersvoorrechters.nl.


Information flyer

Support and donations

The Foundation can also benefit from your help and support. All contributions (whether financial or material) from judges in the Netherlands and others who are concerned about the fate of judges abroad facing professional problems, are most welcome!

For donations, our banking details are the following:

Account number (ING Bank): 8071562
attn. Stichting Rechters voor Rechters
IBAN/SEPA: NL12INGB0008071562
BIC/Swift code: INGBNL2A


Tamara Trotman
Chair of ‘Judges for Judges’