Drastic overhaul of Polish Supreme Court proposed

The Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland is to be liquidated at the insistence of the European Union. Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has seized this opportunity to propose a revolutionary reform of the entire Supreme Court. In a quartet of articles, Rzeczpospolita explains and criticizes this plan – that in its wake may reshuffle the judiciary as a whole.

The draft envisions a pocket-sized Supreme Court, whose judges all have to be vetted by the controversial National Council of the Judiciary (neo-NCJ). Critics fear this mechanism serves to validate previous nominations of government-friendly judges.

Judges for Judges hereby provides access to the English translations of Rzeczpospolita‘s pieces on this next chapter in the tumultuous recent history of the Polish judiciary:

  1. Overview: the five main points of the governments draft bill
  2. Procedure: role of neo-NCJ and PiS-president
  3. Reach: a reset of the ordinary judiciary
  4. Dilemma: retirement, demotion or political appraisal