Morocco: judicial reform must be comprehensive and meaningful | CIJL-ICJ

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The Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (CIJL)

The ICJ today called on the Moroccan authorities to ensure comprehensive and meaningful reform of the judiciary.

The statement comes as the ICJ concluded a high-level mission to Morocco and launched its report Reforming the Judiciary in Morocco, on 21 November 2013.

The ICJ said that reforms should aim at putting an end to any form of undue influence or control by the executive over judicial matters. It called for the reinforcement of the authority of the newly established Conseil Supérieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire (CSPJ) over all aspects of the careers of both judges and prosecutors.

The ICJ stressed that the Office of the Public Prosecutor (OPP) should be kept independent of the judiciary and that it must carry out its activities objectively, impartially and in defence of human rights.

The organization also urged that the jurisdiction of military courts be restricted to military personnel for breaches of military discipline, and that by no means should military courts be used to try crimes consisting of Lees verder…;

Morocco: fully independent judiciary must be established | CIJL-ICJ

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The Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers (CIJL)

The ICJ, FIDH and EMHRN call on the Moroccan authorities to comprehensively reform the judiciary and to bring it in line with international standards.

Reforms should be aimed at ending effective executive control over the Higher Judicial Council, reforming the statute of magistrates, ensuring the independence of prosecutors and removing the military court’s jurisdiction over civilians.

The call comes as the ICJ, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) ended a high-level mission to Morocco to assess the current legal framework and its adherence to the principles of judicial independence, impartiality and accountability.

In a memorandum addressed to the Moroccan authorities, the three organizations formulated 20 specific recommendations for reform.

“The Moroccan authorities should amend the law to put an end to the comprehensive control the executive exercises over the career of judges, including their nomination, promotion and disciplinary proceedings against them, Lees verder…;