Gold or stone?

(Originally published in Rechtspraak Europa, 2017, number 10 (October), click here for the Dutch text of the colomn)


Column by chair Judges for Judges

“The exhaustion rule may be described as one that is golden rather than cast in stone.” § 64 of the ECHR Practical guide on admissibility criteria.

Here’s a moment I won’t forget any time soon: on 16 July 2016 – the day after the failed coup d’etat in Turkey – while attending a Beyoncé concert in the Arena Stadium, I received an e-mail message from a Turkish colleague:

“I also will be dismissed and detained. I don’t know how to explain. I just have done my job and criticize the government regarding judicial developments that you already know very well. We may not see each other again. Thank you for your support up to now. We will not have any communication opportunity.”

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